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Over the years, he wiped the opinion that potassium is very hard to overdose in the aquarium, and even its high concentration of no ...

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The calculator method Estimate Index

Below downloadable calculator EI, used to calculate the composition of the fertilizer and its dosage.

Discuss on the forum and download the latest version of the calculator >>

The calculator takes into account the size of the tank and weekly water changes, the contents of plant nutrients in the water supply system and weekly consumption of fertilizers to the power NO3. The calculator does not account for the increase NO3 arising from stocking the tank (because like how?), But this value will be automatically included in the weekly consumption of this component, which is measured at the beginning and end of the week to determine the degree of its collection.

The calculator is set to the aquarium 100 liters fertilized by EI, assuming that have small amounts of Fe, and PO4 NO3 in tap water, and weekly consumption is NO3 10mg / l per week.

Table 1.
Tank capacity: enter the amount of water in circulation (net volume of the tank)
Water change for the week: give the amount of replacement water tank in percentage, EI method works best with 50% water, but you can use smaller, it is recommended that at least 30%.

Table 2.
Here you enter the components of our fertilizer in grams and volume documentations mixes ml. Sheet automatically converts them to the amount of the flat teaspoons or milliliters of dry powder, if we do not have the exact weight.
On the side of the reference, are given the content of the ingredients in the popular fertilizers PMDD + P + and TPN's Tropica. If we rewrite these values ​​to the composition, we do that, one of these fertilizers and the calculator will calculate the dosage of the given parameters.

Table 3.
Here you do not enter any data, but we can see the amount of macro elements derived from compounds which we used, and the percentage content of these components in salts used. On the side of the comparison, the composition is given portions of the macrostructure of fertilizer + TDI.

Table 4.
Here you enter the percentage of fertilizer used mikroelementowego (default entered the fertilizer "micro" companies Intermag). Just enter the content of microelements in the fertilizer as a percentage (usually served on butelkch by manufacturers), and the sheet will convert it to mg / l mg / miesznkę and their percentage in the prepared mix.
On the side for comparison bonded micro fertilizer PMDD and TPN (former TMG).

Table 5.
A single dose of fertilizer: served in ml single dose of fertilizer, which were drawn up
Doses per week: We give how many doses as above give a week.
Consumption NO3 week: enter the weekly draw NO3 in mg / l, this value can be highly variable and mainly depends on the amount of green mass in the tank and light intensity. If we begin dispensing, and we do not know this value, it is safe to enter my opinion 10mg / l NO3, with weekly dosing of fertilizer in the amount NO3 / week 20-25mg / l.
To determine the weekly consumption NO3 we can measure the level of the water changes, but before the first dose of fertilizer, and then just before the substitutions,. With the calculator we know how much we have given this component for a week, so easy to count its consumption, such as:
read NO3 after swapping: 10mg / l
read before substitutions, NO3: 25mg / l
week we gave: 20mg / l (see Table 6 dose NO3 week)

or weekly consumption amounted NO3: 10 + = 20-25 5mg / l

As the tank is maturing and overgrown, power NO3 can radically change.

After entering the pre-emptive NO3, the sheet will automatically show approximate consumption Weekly other ingredients, for many these values ​​will Discussion Razz

Tabela 6
It shows the amounts of ingredients per dose, and one week our mix, calculated on the basis of the data entered in Table 5.
This table also give the amount of nutrients found in tap water as long as we have such data.

Tabela 7
In the poem "The values ​​of the start" (Week 1), set parameters of the water in the tank against the use of fertilization (if they know), and the sheet will show us how they will change their levels as a result of fertilization at a given dosage and consumption NO3.

Tabela 8
They are shown here levels of ingredients that determine after a few weeks of regular dosing and water changes, and their recommended ranges.

Author allows you to copy and use the attached calculator for non-commercial purposes. Use it for commercial purposes requires the written consent of the author.

Note Beta cells with formulas are unsecured and easily delete them by mistake when entering data. Fill only the yellow fields.

Discuss on the forum and download the latest version of the calculator >>

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