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200l - Mariusz Dziegański
Aquarium dimensions 100x40x50cm on gravel substrate JBL. Tank support 2 canister filters and the lighting is a combination of fluorescent T8 LED. ... more "

96l - biegronka
Another aquarium representatives of the fair sex. This time the tank dimensions 80x30x40cm on the ground Dark Soil with LED lighting lamps + T8 and T5. Down… more "

300l - prezesspik
Aquarium plant on the ground garden with beautiful plants from Tropica. The tank was illuminated need naświetlaczami LED 50W and used decorations ... more "

65l - Adam Golik (ATP)
We invite you to watch the next arrangement Adam Golik group Aquascaping Team Poland. Aquarium dimensions 60x30x36cm supports filter Eheim 2213, and ... more "

500l - gandalf15
I present my aquarium size 180x50x55cm filtration exterior. As for the sump and conspiracy theories about the incredible loss CO2 - I not confirm the theory ... more "

81l - Korzon
I present the second of my aquariums. Flooded with water from the old mature connected external filter. Plants reflect only after a long battle with algae ... more "

360l - Road to the White ...
We invite you to watch the spectacular aquarium arranged in the style of iwagumi. Tank size 120x60x50cm was planted plants lawn edging stones and ... more "

35l - Scarlet mountain - ...
Have a look at the aquarium with the dimensions 40x32x28cm with lawn with hemianthus callitrichoides and Eleocharis parvula. The tank was launched by ... more "

200l - Earthy roślinniak - ...
Aquarium plant is not only the arrangements in the style of Japanese and Dutch. Healthy soczystozielone plants will always be an added charm and aquarium ... more "

182l - Mizube / ryuboku - ...
Have a look at the aquarium with the dimensions 90x45x45cm with an interesting arrangement in a insularity. The line at the junction of the stones and the beach occupied by a miniature variety ... more "

300l - One - Andrew ...
Have a look at the aquarium, which is back to the aquarium after years. The tank dimensions 120x50x50cm arranged in a spectacular living room has ... more "

30l - Cube - Processor
Have a look at the arrangement of the plant created in the cube set AquaEl. The tank is eksperymetalne field for the selection of doses of fertilizers ... more "

300l - Oak Harbour - ...
Have a look at the aquarium on the Dutch garden soil. The tank dimensions 120x50x50cm oak then used as the basis for arrangement ... more "

240l - Discus Enclave - ...
We invite you to watch the next planted aquarium with discus. Tank size 120x40x50cm was founded on the ground HELP The arrangement ... more "

300l - Andrzej Turczynowicz
In the aquarium Andrew used almost 100kg decorative stones. Their green decoration, effectively flowing over rocks arrangement, is grateful to plant ... more "

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